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natural eyebrows- nano

your natural brow journey begins with joey

At The Brow Bar, I combine science-based expertise with a health-conscious, one-on-one approach to achieve natural brows that suit every skin tone. As a founder with a medical laboratory science background, I'm committed to enhancing your unique beauty and guide you through every step of the process. 

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Hi there, I'm Joey!

About Me

As an independent Natural Brow Artist, I have been providing my expertise in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to a diverse clientele since 2017. I specialize in creating natural and balanced eyebrows using semi-permanent makeup. 

My personal journey, shaped by the challenges of sparse brows and uneven facial features due to a sudden onset of Bell's Palsy in childhood, has given me a unique perspective. I've walked the path you may be familiar with, understanding the frustration of penciling in brows each morning. Through this, I've come to deeply appreciate a full set of balanced brows in framing the face. It's a journey that's not just about beauty but also about confidence.


This personal experience has inspired me to become an expert in the field and to help others like me. Leaving behind my career in a hospital laboratory was a leap of faith, but it was driven by a deep desire to help people feel their absolute best. Enhancing my clients' natural beauty is my top priority, and I am dedicated to providing a personalized and comfortable experience that you'll love. Let's start your confidence journey together and I appreciate you for considering me as your trusted Natural Brow Artist.

A personalized, step-by-step approach 


Your journey starts with a free 45-minute consultation – no deposit required for your first visit. Unlike other studios, I believe in getting to know you and your unique story. We'll discuss your skincare regimen and overall skin health using a holistic checklist.


Using my algorithm, crafted through years of experience, I'll recommend the semi-permanent makeup technique for you. Together, we'll explore options like Nano, Microblading, Ombre Powder, or a personalized combination. We'll dive deep into the advantages and considerations of each choice. Additionally, I'll share photos showcasing past eyebrow work that complements your goals and face shape.


If you're ready, we can proceed with the treatment immediately after this session. Plus, a week before your visit, I'll provide you with pre-care instructions, including nutrition tips, to prepare your skin for beautiful, long-lasting results.


  • The process begins with a 30-minute prep phase using topical medical-grade lidocaine (4%) made in Canada.

  • A custom- colour panel will be mixed uniquely for you. Together, we select the perfect shade to match your current brow and complement your skin tone. My expertise in colour theory ensures stable results without fading into unwanted hues, like red or blue.

  • Tweezing and trimming of stray hairs.


  • Accurate Mapping: I measure your features while you're seated to adjust for the effects of gravity.


  • For Microblading or the Nano method, I'll pre-draw every hairstroke, giving you a preview of the final result before we begin the treatment.


Meticulous and customized artistry with a health-conscious approach. Practices includes thorough medical disinfection, the use of sterile, one-time-use nano needles, and uses high-quality vegan ink for your well-being.


You'll receive a complimentary aftercare kit. We'll go over post-treatment instructions, including proper brow and facial cleansing. I'll address any questions you have, and even after you leave, I'm just a message away for any healing concerns.

what sets joey apart from other artists?

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I only book one new client per day

Because you deserve all of my undivided attention.

  • A customized set of brows is created based on your unique features.

  • Semipermanent makeup is a process that cannot be rushed. This is to ensure that perfect brows are achieved. 

  • Private and clean studio with no distractions. 

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i only specialize in brows

I have over 6 years of experience in semipermanent makeup techniques for brows only.


  • I am experienced in crafting natural brows for clients of all skin types, skin tones, and facial structures.

  • We will go through a detailed step-by-step checklist to determine the best techniques, colours, and measurements to complement your unique lifestyle and face shape. 

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i have expertise in coverups and corrections

Do you have faded, uneven, blue, grey, or red brows?


  • I have worked with over 500 clients who had discoloured or uneven brows done by other artists. I am well-versed in colour theory and the process of coverups and corrections. 

  • To further perfect my skills, I continue to pursue training on the latest techniques alongside the best PMU artists in North America. 

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i have experience in healthcare 

Because you deserve beautiful brows and a peace of mind.

  • I have a bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc) from the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Medicine program. This has become an asset in my work as an artist.

  • As a meticulous type-A personality in the lab, everything must be perfect as there is zero room for error. There, I've learned valuable PPE & disinfecting protocols to avoid cross-contamination. Precision and sterile protocols are important elements in semipermanent makeup and is often overlooked by other artists.

  • Only sterile and medical graded supplies are used. 

  • I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and Blood-Borne Pathogens Certified.

Natural Microblading - Microshading - Ombre Powder Brows - Nano Hairstrokes

Natural Microblading or Nano Machine Hairstrokes


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